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Car Alarm Quartet - Experimental Error #1 OCC3CD

Artist :

Car Alarm Quartet

Release :

Experimental Error #1

Catalogue Number :


Format :


Tracklisting :

A beginning of sorts

The start or the end

Are you left or right handed ?

Cooking up a storm

Piano miniature #1

A walk along Crosby beach #2

Times are hard

A walk along Crosby beach #4

Piano miniaturre #2

While Shepard watched

1000msx60 (Beau Brummel)

A walk along croby beach #1

Another ending

Notes :

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music

A single work of 13 movements on a one track CD.


Stream Audio :

<a href="">Experimental Error #1 by Car Alarm Quartet</a>




Manchester Music

From the North West of England, the Car Alarm Quartet are a collective of like-minded musicians, forging their own, but refreshingly new strand of electronic prog. Mixing ambient noise mixes with structured movements, “Experimental Error # 1” takes us to the boundaries of acceptable song structures and atmospheric looping. There are thirteen specific segments to the track, but the whole thing is presented as a single 25 minute plus score. The CD presents itself as one of the more interesting submissions this month, the combination of classical overlays and the use of digital sub-cultured sequencing, embarking on geographic and emotional musical journeys - stuff that mere three minute pop songs can never convey. This beautifully accessible and honestly often moving music, could be a possible scene changer.




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