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Funktechnologie - Funktechnologie EP OCC5CD

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Release :

Funktechnologie EP

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Tracklisting :

1) Crab Nebuala

2) Across The Trax (Chase Scene Mix)

3) Natura Non Contritatur

4) Analogue Tony

5) A Final Afterthought

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Tasty Fanzine

Despite being recorded over the past five years, there’s a progressive quality to this 5 track EP by Huddersfield?s Funk Technologie. It also marks a huge departure from the material of Occasional label mates Car Alarm Quartet. We‘re treated to the silky tones of the trip-hop infused Crab Nebula to whet our appetites before being challenged further by the clatterbang percussion of synth-funk “Across the Tracks” which brings to mind the style of The Chemical Brothers’ “Brothers Gonna Work it Out” EP.

Funktechnologie refuse to pigeon hole themselves. There’s a further departure in “Natura Non Contristatur” which in ambience brings to mind the likes of Ozric Tentacles though in application it is a much smoother electronic version. Propellerheads anyone? Yes? Well look out for “Analogue Tony”. Then we finally come round full circle with a trip hop outro of “A Final Afterthought”.

It’s difficult to place as a whole - each track is so different. It’s clearly an accumulation of influences which is being regurgitated in a new way by the band. Some people will see these as clashing too much to make a coherent whole, others will be grateful for the eclectic mix. 7/10


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