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Car Alarm Quartet - (Under) Water Music OCC4CD

Artist :

Car Alarm Quartet

Release :

(Under) Water Music

Catalogue Number :


Format :


Tracklisting :

1) Water (Head) Phones [Mono]

2) Palindrome [Stereo]

3) Sea Chimes [Stereo]

Notes :

Music derived from and for broadcast in, the mediumof water:-

Track 1 based on three short samples of a Waterphone.

Track 2 is a palindromic track, based on automobile samples.

Track 3 was written using a custom audio trigger system, which was fed field recordings of the North Sea.

Stream Audio :

<a href="">(Under) Water Music by Car Alarm Quartet</a>



Norman Records

...according to our Brett on 18 November 2010.

Things are a bit watery this week, what with that Marcus Fischer thing Phil reviewed and all. Apparently the tracks on this bargain-priced EP, one of two we've got from the Quartet on Occasional this week, were 'derived from and for broadcast in, the medium of water' which suggests I should probably stick my head in the water cooler if I want to hear it in the way it was intended. I'm not going to do that (it's fucking cold enough around here already) so apologies if I'm completely misrepresenting this with the following comments. Perhaps not surprisingly it kicks off with a bit of an ambient isolationist sort of a vibe, although there are definitely lighter elements to be discerned as well, what the hints of whalesong-type sounds and all. The second track switches up after the lengthy first, utilising traffic noise, yet still sounds pretty well submerged. And the third finishes things off on a more orchestral-sounding tack, at least to my ears. It could certainly be argued that this isn't a hugely eventful listen but it's one that completely succeeds in transporting you out of your surroundings into another (soggier) place.. And for that I salute it.


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